Pumpkin-caramel ganache in milk-chocolate shells

Pumpkin-caramel chocolates

Pumpkin-caramel ganache in milk-chocolate shells with dark-chocolate bottoms. I was tempted to Photoshop out all the cracks and fissures, but the unadulterated photo shows what can happen to your molded chocolates if you bang the molds too harshly when trying to release the chocolates.
Recipe from Peter Greweling’s Chocolates and Confections.

Empty chocolate molds painted with colored cocoa butter.

The cavities were painted with colored cocoa butter and some colored (and edible) powder.

Molds filled with ganache

On the left are molds filled with an improvised pumpkin ganache that was of the perfect consistency for piping and self-leveling. On the right, the molds were filled with the pumpkin-caramel ganache, which could have been looser for shell-filling purposes. Overall it worked fine but I ran out of the original ganache after filling three out of four molds, thus the improvised ganache batch. I could have filled these molds even more, judging by the thickness of the bottom part of the shell, which is evident in the top photo.

molded chocolates with cracked shells

The not-all-that-fragile chocolate shells cracked before they were released. This is not the fault of the chocolate but the fault of impatient chocolatiers who rapped the still-full molds with great force against the countertop. This photo represents the worst of the bunch, most chocolates suffered superficial, if unsightly, cracks. By the way, the harsh treatment cracked the shells, but did not help release the chocolates. Finally, after basking for about 30 minutes in the freezer, the chocolates released as they were supposed to. But the damage had already been done.

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