Orange Truffles, Citrus Confit, and Chocolate-dipped Candied Orange Peel

Orange truffles

After they were dipped in chocolate, these orange truffles were rolled across a cooling rack to give them spikes reminiscent of chef Anne Burrell’s hair.

I chose Orange Truffles for the first recipe to try in Peter Greweling’s book Chocolates and Confections: Formula, theory and technique for the artisan chocolatier for two reasons: one, they were truffles and therefore within my comfort zone (in theory), and, two, I had plenty of Grand Marnier on hand.

The first snag in the recipe was the “orange confit, diced 3mm/⅛ in” in the ingredient list. I didn’t know there was such a thing; was it just a fancy way of saying candied orange peel in the syrup it was cooked in? That turned out to be the case. I used Carole Bloom’s recipe for Candied Orange Peel from her book Truffles, Candies, and Confections; the recipe called for Grand Marnier as part of the syrup — an unexpected bonus. The candied orange peel was lovely. I added some lime and lemon peels to the mixture as well. The lemon peel turned out nice and chewy; the lime peel a bit tough. Anywho, I reserved twice the amount needed of the confit . . .

Orange confit is, basically, candied orange peel in the sugar syrup it was cooked in.

Orange confit is, basically, candied orange peel in the sugar syrup it was cooked in.

. . . then rolled the rest of the candied peels in granulated sugar.

Sugared orange peel

Strips of candied orange peel drying up a bit after being rolled in sugar.

The truffles were creamy and citrusy, but the success of the finished product was hard-won, for the candying and coating of the orange peel took over three hours, and the ganache was a bitch to make. You see, the chocolate disks barely melted in the hot cream, so I melted everything further over a bain marie. After the chocolate melted, the ganache refused to emulsify. After beating the heck out of it, letting it rest, beating the heck out of it again, letting it rest, etc., the ganache finally came together but it was then too solid to pipe so I had to use my Zeroll #100 disher to portion out the ganache. Turned out, this resulted in truffles twice as big as Greweling intended. Luckily, I caught this in time so I was able to cut each portion in half before rolling them into balls.

Perhaps the best part of all this was I now had plenty of candied orange peel to dip. Fresh, sweet, citrusy peel meets snappy bittersweet chocolate. YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM.

Orange peel dipped in chocolate

Chocolate-dipped orange peel.

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